Find Your Love

If you do not love your job, then love the people who work there. Feel the excitement of that friendship. And, the job was so exciting. If you can not love your work colleagues. then love the atmosphere and your office building.

It encourages you to passionately go to work and perform tasks better anyway if you can not do it, love every experience commuting to and from your workplace. The journey makes the destination look fun fun also. But, if you do not find pleasure there, then anything that can love you love from your work: an ornamental plant table, lizard on the wall, or clouds through the window.

Anything. If you can not find what you love from your job, then why are you there? There was no reason for you to stay afloat. Quickly go and look for what you love, and work there. Live only once. Nothing is more beautiful than perform with a sincere sense of love.

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Mubashir Shafi said...
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Taqorrub Ubaidillah said...

Thank a lot brother for your motivation and your suggestion. IngsAllah if I have many times, I want to add some postings again.

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